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it's the little tricky things!

I can always count on SU having instruction on those tricky things in Silhouette Studio software. There's always something to learn and use in the program. Luv SU.

Silhouette U
Vera G.
OMG Why did i wait so long to be a member!!!!!!

This has been an amazing experience, L O V EEEEEE Melissa, and i feel the love she has for Silhouette and sharing all tricks to help us getting all the best ways to do our projects..... i love my Cameo 4, the software is AMAZING, but still a lot to learn and that's why I'll NEVER EVER unsubscribe SilhouetteU!
Thank you so much Melissa!!! (your videos make may day, i laugh so much sometimes with your funny way of twisting things :D )
Big Kisses for everyone that works hard so we can learn so much.... 24/7!!!
Sending love from a little little island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Azores Islands, Portugal :)
Obrigada! / Thank you!

Silhouette U
Kandy B.
New to the university

I need more hours in the day to learn more about how to use my silhouette efficiently and effectively. I’ve been. Using my silhouette for 5 plus years and learned so much in the beginning videos I

I do have questions on how to use my so fontsy credits.

Thanks for the review! To learn more about the So Fontsy coupon code, please click the link that says 'So Fontsy Code' after you login. All of the instructions are on that page.

awesome videos

As a beginner, I found the videos to be very helpful - easy to follow, well explained and short. Organized a beginner, intermediate and advanced, I would have liked a little more organization... for example all the videos about making stickers or temp tattoos for beginners in one spot. With over 120 beginner videos out was hard to figure out what I needed to watch if I wanted to start playing with simple stickers or temp tattoos.

Hi Kathy, thanks for taking the time to leave a review. I wanted to let you know that we have lots of videos organized by topic in our Curriculums section such as Print and Cut (what you'd do to make stickers), HTV (what you'd do for t-shirts), Tracing, Vinyl, and a lot more. While most of our videos provide education on techniques that can broadly applied, we also have a Homework video section that shows step by step instructions on a project from start to finish. I'd encourage you to check them out after logging in. Thanks for being a member!

Silhouette U
Abigail T.
Silhouette U

Appreciate this "U" very much; I have a simple portrait 2 but the fact that there is a place I can go with my Silhouette questions means a lot. Everything is "Cricut" elsewhere but at Silhouette U, you can find a lot of info and projects for your silhouette machine. Any questions you have are answered quickly and simply. The videos are easy to follow and understand which is another plus for me.

Silhouette U
Mariann L.
Loving it already!

I have just started and have learned so much just in the few videos I have watched! Can't wait to see what all I can learn!

Silhouette U
Diane E.
Excelllent!!to u

I have learned so much through Silhouette U. I bought my Cameo 4 in October and was totally lost until I found Silhouette U. I love it! It has opened so much about this wonderful, amazing machine. I used to use Cricut but was not completely satisfied with it and several of the ex-Cricut users keep telling me to go to Silhouette and I am glad I did. Silhouette U is providing me with all the instructions I need to operate this machine!! I can't thank you all enough!!!

Silhouette U
Alisha (.S.
Love SilhouetteU!❤️

I have learned so much from my membership with SilhouetteU. I feel like Melissa is my own private instructor in these videos. The tutorials, videos, and FB Q&As help you whenever need help or get frustrated. They always answer DMs too!! I get inspired every time Melissa posts a new project on FB or the site.
You get so many extras with your subscription as well. So much value for your dollar!! Thank you Melissa!!

Silhouette U
Ruth S.

I love this site. The tutorials are extremely helpful. I would normally subscribe beyond the introductory period but after buying the machine, upgrading the software and purchasing lots of peripherals, the cost of the yearly subscription is out of reach at this point. But I do highly recommend it to anyone else.

Silhouette U
Melissa L.
Love Silhouette U

I Love Silhouette U... It's so helpful, and easy step by step instructions!!

Silhouette U
Wilda T.
Very good

I have watched a few videos. I have learned from all of them. It has made some things easier. Thanks!

Silhouette U
Gaye G.
Silloute U

Love this site! I have learned so much in a short amount of time! I hesitated for so long and now I don’t know why! Great job Mellisa

Silhouette U
Sylvia A.
Silhouette U ~ No Regrets! 🙂

So glad I signed up. Videos are so easy to follow. Glad the user error are not omitted. Not that Melissa has many but she keeps it real!
Hope to have a one on one with Melissa someday!

Love watching videos

I am enjoying watching Melissa's video tutorials. Still working on it. I get frustrated but I enjoy crafting so I set it aside and go back to it. Can't wait until I can get through a project without getting frustrated. Melissa is always happy and that helps sometimes too.

cameo 4 learning

Thanks so much for all your help.
I have learned a lot.
Need more help with cut by color and layering.

Silhouette U
Jolyn L.
Learn at your own pace, Awesome!

My Cameo 4 is definitely new to me. I signed uo for Silhouette U knowing I needed some training. I'm so glad I did because I like to learn something new the right way. The machine is amazing and I could never learn all the awesome things it is capable of doing without these courses. Thank you Melissa!

Silhouette U
Lourdes A.

Thank you for all the great information. How do I get a one on one with Melissa? Or eight 800 number of customer service. Thank you

Thanks for the review. I'd recommend reaching our Getting Started page to learn about all of the 1:1 help options.

Silhouette U
Gail F.

Thank you for sharing. I am learning so much here in Australia

Silhouette U
Cindy A.

So much great information. I’m learning so many new things!!

Silhouette U
Lyvonne M.S.

I’ve had my Silhouette for about 3 years (still in box) until I found SilhouetteU! I’m learning more & more each each day. Great tutorials & leadership! Thank you

Silhouette U
Deborah F.
Excellent way to learn the software

I am new to the Silhouette world and have found these courses as an excellent way to learn the software system. I like the video courses..... Melissa is very organized and to the point. She is very clear in her explanations and provides many tips that have help reduce the time and material it would take to learn those lessons on my own. By having the courses recorded I am able to stop in the middle of a course, try doing the steps myself on my PC and gain confidence that I fully understand the process. I am so excited and happy with my Cameo 4 Pro.
Thank you for spending the time document this training for us.

Silhouette U
Kristine Z.
Awesome Courses!

I struggled a bit with my Silhouette Cameo 4 when I first got it, but these courses made it so easy to learn how to use it. I like that Melissa is down to earth and explains things in a way that's easy to follow. She rarely edits out portions of the process, or even the occasional slip-ups, so it feels more like you're actually sitting in a room with her, as opposed to most impersonalized, sterilized instructional video courses. Highly recommended!

Silhouette U
Danonne C.
Excellent Courses

My Sister gave me the Cameo 4 as a retirement present. I had never used a Cricuit or any type of cutting machine and I was more than overwhelmed when I began trying to use it. Melissa's explanations and thoroughness have made my struggles much easier and I am enjoying learning new things with each video! Thank you Melissa!!

Silhouette U
Bridget S.

Hi, I’m struggling with trying to watch the videos as they keep freezing, poor internet where I live. I’m trying to find someone who actually teaches a class somewhat close as I am better at learning with “hands on” I will keep trying the videos and maybe one day it will all click!?!?

Please review our Getting Started page. We have several 1:1 options that can help besides the videos like email, chat, and a members only Facebook group.

Silhouette U
Danielle H.
Great Content, Amazing Direction

The best place to start and I am guessing an even better place to continue. I'd be lost without it

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