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Best membership

Have learned so much from this site. Do not hesitate to join.

Silhouette U is a MUST!

When i bought my Roland bn 20, I had no idea what I was doing. I was so happy when I found Mellissa. Whether you're trying to learn a new machine or master a new skill Mellissa is a the one to help you! Thanks for all you do!!

Silhouette U
Frances L.
A must for newbs!

The videos have been very helpful!

Silhouette U
Mary C.
So glad I joined

I've been a Silhouette user for almost 10 years and am pretty proficient and yet I still learn new tips from these videos.
Melissa has also been great in helping to resolve issues. I highly recommend joining Silhouette U.

Amazing Membership

Melissa has more knowledge about these machines, and programs, etc than when I call tech support. She’s patient, attentive and really wants you to learn to be able to use the product you purchased with ease. With the extra videos and 1:1 chats plus group support you can’t go wrong.

Silhouette U
jacqueline s.
Top Dawg

Thank you so much for making this the easiest machine to use.

Silhouette U
Deitra G.
Thank you for your time Melissa!

I cant thank Melissa enough. I was at wits end because my Roland BN-20A would not cut. Melissa took the time to respond, and it was such an easy fix that was causing so much stress. I can't thank Melissa enough for her time a patience. You go girl!

A true help to smooth learning curve

This site has been instrumental in my comprehension of the Cameo and Curio. I have been trained on embroidery software but needed the help from to use my machines and software easily. Been a member since inception- best money I have spent!

Silhouette U
Mary S.

Thanks so much Silhouette U, when i had problem, someone would always send me an email to find out my problem and they would do their best to help me.

Everything was wonderful. Meets or exceeds my expectations and I have very high standards.

Silhouette U
Annette D.
Go to videos

When ever I am in doubt or having trouble, Silhouette U is where I go to for my answers.

Silhouette U
Steve C.
Thankful for the resources

First word received from Silhouette U: "No Worries. We will get you going."

And they were correct. So helpful in every aspect of printing and related software. Highly recommended.

Helpful resource

Melissa has lots of positive energy and is very knowledgeable about all things Silhouette. She makes herself very available to her Silhouette U members. The only thing I would like to add to her videos is a written transcript of the steps of the technique that she is teaching.

Silhouette U
Michelle O.
Love this

I love the helpful information you offer. Almost every question I have can be found in the videos. Thanks

Teaching old dogs new tricks

I love learning new techniques and shortcuts .... your videos are easy to follow. They open up so many new projects for me.

Silhouette U
Rebecca C.
So much to learn

I just unboxed my Silhouette Cameo 5 on Wednesday (today is Saturday) I am already learning so much from Silhouette U! The videos are so easy to follow. I also had my first 1:1 session today and was able to chat with Melissa and get all my questions answered. Silhouette Studio Software is a Huge step up from the other machine I was using and there is so much to learn. This is the place to do it. Thank you, Melissa, for all your help today!

Silhouette U
Judey Y.
Love Melissa’s videos and all that Silhouette U offers

I came across a video Melissa did and found her to be an excellent teacher so I looked into the Silhouette U program and joined. I do not have a silhouette cutter but have found many great videos and helpful information that is useful to my small business. After learning more about Silhouette’s software through this program, I have decided to purchase the software to use with my cutting machine. I then purchased one of the courses Melissa offers at an excellent price and I am really looking forward to starting that. I highly recommend Silhouette U.

Silhouette U
A great help to this newbie to Silhouette

I have enjoyed the videos and the help. Sometimes I need refer back to them and glad I can.
Its gotten so that other machines have taken up a lot of the different machines. Thankfully we have the ability to look back for Silhouette ones.

Silhouette U
Janey P.
Love, love, love Silhouette U & Melissa

I've had my Cameo 3 for a few years and its just been in the past year and a half that I really started using it. I am so impressed with the videos and how-to's not to mention the emails I get on a regular basis. There are things I've never heard of or known about so I'm learning daily. I'm not using my machine for business purposes yet but see where I can move that direction when I have a bit more time. I own a small marina business and currently sub out branded work. I look forward to adding a printer (sublimation or DTF) and a heat press. Not being very creative it helps to have access to all things Silhouette U and So Fontsy. Thank you Melissa for all your hard work making the videos and teaching us all how to improve whatever our intentions are for owning any of the machines.

Silhouette U
Lenise N.B.
Silhouette U

As an 8+ years Silhouette user, my recent dive into Silhouette U left me thoroughly impressed! Top-notch tutorial videos offer clear guidance, while the one-on-one chat feature is a game-changer. The live Q&A sections are truly awesome, connecting users with industry expert Melissa for immediate responses, enhancing the learning process significantly. Silhouette U's is a must-try for both seasoned users and newcomers!

Silhouette U
Wouter D.W.
Silhouette U

The instructions on the different projects is very informative. Every time I want do do a project I go to Silhouette U and research. It is one of the best training tools to have around. Thank you Melissa you are one of thee best instructors I have come found so far.

Silhouette U
Kathy W.
Silhouette U is the Most Comprehensive Educational Guide for Silhouette Users

I have had a Silhouette machine since the first Portrait came out, and I am still learning new things from Melissa. She is not only an excellent teacher and writer, Melissa makes it feel like you have a best friend that you can rely on for "all things Silhouette." This is the only place you will ever need to go for Silhouette information and answers!

So Helpful

I joined Melissa during her office hours and it was amazing. I truly felt like we were sitting in her office working on a project! It awesome to have a live person to ask crafting questions to, especially when a video may not necessarily answer your question. I'm a freshman at Silhouette U. but I am already super pleased with my membership. Thanks Melissa!

Silhouette U
Nicole H.
A Great Help!

I just chatted with Melissa during one of her 1:1 sessions (via Facebook) and she was such an incredible help! Thank you!


Melissa is so incredibly patient and thorough!! I am so glad to be part of silhouette U!

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