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Silhouette U
Lorna T.
Love Silhouette U!

This is one of the best websites for info on Silhouette and Cameo! This is my go to reference website for any question I may have…..and to learn new things also! Thank You so much for all you do for us!

Silhouette U
Wanda A.

Love Silhouette U, I have learn everything that I know because of your tutorials and the informative videos. Love the way Melissa explains everything and love how she take the time to review or do the comparison in the products allowing us to have a clear idea of what we want or need.

Making an arch in a design

I was trying to make a design with a thick arch. Did 1:1 with Melissa she had me fixed in no time. I have had silhouette U for a while, I had never used 1:1 before.
I am so thankful I had Silhouette U to turn to.

Silhouette U
Love the website

I enjoy the newest videos, inormation on other machines. I have since purchased the Prestigue A4 DTF printer through Swing design. I would Like to see some more tutorials on this machine. Again Love The website Full of helpful videos & more.

Silhouette U
Stephanie R.
Advanced tutorials

There are lots of great tutorials. I would like see more advanced tutorials about designing for sublimation.

Thanks for taking the time to submit a review. Please email us at with any tutorial ideas. We're always looking for more!

Silhouette U
Paulette B.
My go to

Amazing website!
always informative, I can always find what I am looking for or a way to find it.

Silhouette U
The help I have been looking for in one place

I love the video's and all the information being in one place. The video's are great and very easy to follow. I like how Melissa takes the time to explain how and why you do things a certain way. I have learned so much!!

Silhouette U
Lorna T.
Love Slhouette U!

I am so thankful for all the great videos! It has helped me to relearn the Silhouette program. I first started in 2016, but my computer crashed in 2018…..lost a lot of stuff when this happened. I became very discouraged, and stopped crafting until this year. I finally decided to try it again and loving it! Did not realize how much I missed it! Thank you for all the info, Melissa! You have helped me to get my mojo back!

Silhouette U
Josh L.
Silhouette U - Great Learning and Support

Since I have found Melissa and Silhouette U, this has taken my business to another level. I have learned a lot from the YouTube videos and utilizing the email to talk with Melissa. She has given amazing product advice and is quick to turn around with answers when I have emailed her questions. Thank you Melissa and Silhouette U for all the support! Keep up the great work!

A Great Resource!

The videos are very helpful, I have not found any questions that couldn't be answered. The SoFontsy Code gives you $14.99 a month credit for Machine Embroidery, SVG designs, fonts, or mockup in the card redemption area - it's well worth the money.

Silhouette U
I Need Help

I have properly had a Silhouette since 2012 or 2013, In March of this year I update to a Cameo 4. At the time I signed up for Silhouette U and another program which is about to end. I have not spent as much time as I would like to study your emails. I am getting ready to make some shaker cards and I want to know if my machine will cut acetate and what kind of blade to use. Do you have an email from the last several months that will help me with my question. Thank you for all the emails I have gotten. Someday I hope to review all of them.

Hi Susanne,

It looks like you left a question as your review. If you have a question for us, please use one of our contact options. Our contact page is, our email address is, or you can message Melissa during Office Hours.

Silhouette U
Regina K.

I recently upgraded to the Business Edition from the basic (which I was only using to make large images). I just came across a Silhouette Cameo 4 so I upgraded to the Business Edition. I have a neighbor who only uses her Cameo 4 so she has been my one on one teacher. While showing me some of the features I now have since the upgrade, she noticed that my screen is different from hers even though we are both using the same version of Windows. First my screen shows in the Beta edition, which hers does not. Second my knife tool doesn't work at all. I need help in getting this issue resolved as soon as possible.
Note: I thought about uninstalling the software and reinstalling it but I read somewhere that I would lose all my products saved in my library.

Please help

Hi Regina,

It seems like you posted a question for us as your review. If you have a question and need our help, please use our contact page (, email address (, or our chat option (via Facebook Messenger during Office Hours). We'll need some specifics, so please include the details with your message, and we'll do our best to help.

Silhouette U
Singrid B.

I have learned a lot from your tutorials and videos. I love how you take the time to go through each steps. I am new at this and seen several tutorials and yours have been the best. Thank you for helping me.

Silhouette U
Kim S.T.

Tutorials and videos are amazing. This is where I go when I want to learn anything about my Silhouette machine.

Silhouette 3 for 2 years and updated program 6 months ago

Cannot wait to start the videos so I can finally get started created designs

Silhouette U
Yvonne B.
Still Learning

I've had my Cameo 2 now going on 3years and I am still learning new things with it. Silhouette U has helped me learn more and so glad I joined. I tried using Cricut but it was to confusing and the cost of getting things to cut was to much. I love going into the Silhouette store and buying designs that aren't expensive so I can keep learning. I would really love to see more on how to make simple greeting cards. I give a 100% review and if I could give more stars than 6 I definitely would. Keep up the good work.

Silhouette U
Nancy B.
Fantastic help!!!

Whenever I've emailed a specific question, I have gotten a response from Melissa or Bob within 24 hours! And their response is always easy to understand and has ALWAYS solved the problem. They're the BEST!

Silhouette U
Lorraine D.
Awesome 99%

I absolutely love (and I mean love) SilhouetteU and Melissa - her tutorials are amazing and she has so much knowledge and willing to share info with us all. My 1% disappointment is due to it not being global - it is geared to USA and as such things are not the same in the UK - UK crafting is not as cheap - we don't get deals like you do in the USA or have the same type of stores either - how I sometimes wish it wasn't so expensive to get things shipped. I would however recommend anyone to join as you manage to adapt and will not be disappointed with what is on offer - happy crafting x


The tutorials are wonderful!! I would not have ever been able to figure out how to use my cameo 4 without them. Melissa explains in a step by step manner that’s easy to following and understand. Thank You Melissa.

First time

After being a member for a little while finally had the opportunity to open the site. Am impressed with what I found.
Thank you for your hard work,


The Silhouette Studio has been very helpful in my learning how to get the most use from the program and my machine .

Silhouette U
Joel C.
Pleased so far

I have only been a member of Silhouette U for less than a month, but so far I am pleased. I have received help from some of the videos. I still have a lot to learn so I am looking forward to continuing to study and watch the videos available. I have used the So Fontsy codes to get a lot of files to begin. This is only a hobby for me, but there is enough information to go further if I desire to. As I said, I have been very pleased with Silhouette U.

Silhouette U
adrian c.
Know more

I learned more about the silhouette machine although I really haven't had time to use it but once I get a chance I'll know what I'm doing and won't have to look on YouTube cause theirs so many videos that teach you what you want to know...

Silhouette U
Cindy Z.
Love, LOve, LOVE Silhouette U!!!

Melissa and Bob have been so great! I’ve had my Cameo 3 for 7 years and have used it A LOT, when it started having some issues I found Melissa and Silhouette U, she has personally and quickly responded to my emails (cries for HELP😫) and helped me figure things out. A Godsend🙏!! I LOVE the videos, started with the beginner ones even though I’ve been using it for years I learned things I never knew. I would recommend Silhouette U to EVERYONE no matter how experienced you are, there’s always something new to learn. Thank you for all of your help Melissa!!

Finally joined

My Cricut design space is somewhat limited so I would like to learn Silhouette to expand my knowledge. I have been enjoying your videos for about a year and you do such a great teaching job
I felt I could learn a lot from you.

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