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Silhouette U
Viki R.
Amazing Course

I'm totally new to crafting & my silhouette, so this has been invaluable to me.
There are so many little gems that you don't realise & Melissa makes it all so easy.
I'm so glad I found this site; and the membership is worth every penny.

Silhouette U
Denise F.
Visual learner

I love the videos. Very informative. I am however unable to get on the Facebook group. We do not have a Facebook page set up with this email address but I enter our names exactly as we have them setup and still unable to join. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. Our Facebook group doesn't involve your email address, but if you check out our Getting Started page and/or the prompts when requesting to join, you can find the criteria about ensuring your profile names exactly match.

So helpful

I don’t use my machine much as I work 65 hours a week. So I don’t learn it like I should.
Silhouette U is so helpful for when I have time and want to do a project. Highly recommend, worth the cost

Silhouette U
Alicia G.
My Go-To

I've been working with the Cameo and Silhouette Studio for about 10 years. I've learned more from Melissa via videos than any other source. Silhouette U adds to that enjoyable learning.
Thanks, Melissa, for doing what you do to keep people like me in the know with tricks, tips, and new ideas. Hope you and your family have the best Thanksgiving and Christmas.
So Grateful

Very impressed

No matter how dumb of a question I have I always get assistance. I am so happy I signed up for silhouette I. Thank you I appreciate you

Silhouette U
Susan Y.
Love the silhouetteU

It's great to have references and videos for every creative type. I am new so I'm still getting the hang of cutting part of it. Melissa's is really good at explaining in detail. I would definitely recommend silhouetteU

Silhouette U
Allison S.

I love using silhouette u to help me on things when I need help! I would love to maybe see an App in the near future of everything on the website but also on an app! It would be so much easier to use an app in my opinion!

Silhouette U
Mary R.

GREAT videos! The book is a wealth of info!

Silhouette U


Silhouette U
Patricia f.

It is a great learning source. Haven’t used it much after husband died. Was trying to get into it this morning and couldn’t access it on my laptop. Left you a message

Best teaching platform I’ve found.

In just a few days of joining I have learnt more than in all my time searching the internet for answers over the last 6 months

Learning So Much

New to using my Silhouette (4). Joined Silhouette U a month ago. I asked several questions while attempting to use my SIL to make things for an upcoming craft show. All my questions were quickly answered either by the admin or some of the more experienced users. What a GREAT group! Knowing that my SIL can do so much more than I am using it for I changed my membership from 1 month to 6mos. Well worth the investment. Can't wait to learn more.

Silhouette U
Shannon G.
Amazing site!

Let me start by saying the quality and the sheer number of videos gets 5 stars. The lost star is due simply to a slightly less than adequate search feature. If the videos were a little easier to sort through, this would be ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ All day long 💞

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review! I can help with the search feature - it's definitely working :) To use the search with the best results, it helps to use fewer words when searching (e.g. vinyl) vs. longer chains of words (how to cut vinyl). Our website doesn't have the search IQ that Google does, so basic search principles of starting with fewer words and then adding more to get more specific results will work. If you have any questions about this or need help finding a video, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Silhouette U
nancy b.
Great teacher but a few issues

I’ve learned a lot on some of the stuff but it’s almost like it’s geared to iron on stuff and stickers more than other stuff. And it said members can email with issues and you can but you may not get a reply back.

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review! I'd like to address your feedback that our website is 'almost like it's geared to iron on stuff and stickers'. We have over 400 video tutorials on our website, and almost none of them are related to ironing. We have quite a few that reference and use a heat press when applicable with information on how to use an iron if appropriate. We also have a quite a bit of video tutorials on print and cut - the method used to make stickers - as this is consistently the most searched topic on our website and among the most frequently asked via email. The overwhelming majority of the video content on our website is about how to use Silhouette Studio.

We also strive to provide email replies in 1 business day. In reviewing the emails you've sent to us to date, I can see that we've met or exceeded that reply timeframe. If you are looking for instant help, I'd encourage you to attend Office Hours (chat). You can find information on Office Hours on the Getting Started page and Happenings page.

Great but ..

I can’t access to the facebook group, I requested twice, and nothing happened. You are great teacher and may be I will join back another day.

Thanks for taking the time to submit a review. We've never had any Facebook requests from your name. Please check out the Getting Started page for a link to our group + the criteria to ensure your request gets approved.

Great teacher

Melissa is a great teacher, although sometimes she goes a little fast for me, but I just watch the video again until I get what she is telling us (me).
I unfortunately haven't been able to do much lately, with everything life has been tossing my way. So, I have decided to drop my subscription to SU at the moment. This is not to say that I won't come back after things calm down in my life. She is very knowledgeable in what she is doing. Good luck in the future and keep having fun doing what you do .

Super Fantastic!

You got it going on Melissa! I have been doing DIY paint classes for a few years and when I get stuck I know that if I go to SILHOUETTE U you will always have the answer for me! Thanks for staying on top of everything and all your hard work! Oh and one more thing When you are teaching your voice is very positive but calming and it reassures me that whatever problem I’m having you will get me through it! Thank you!!!

Silhouette U
Carol B.
Love Silhouette U!

I've had my Silhouette for a few years now. Kept put putting off getting Silhouette U because I thought I could just watch YouTube videos and learn on my own. I have learned some stuff but not enough to feel confident. When Silhouette U had a discount I decided it was time to try. I have learned so much more in one month with Silhouette U than I had in 3 years using YouTube videos! I absolutely love it!! Thank you Melissa for sharing your knowledge!

Silhouette U
Althea P.N.
Having a great deal of problems cutting HTV

This machine is great. These are the problems I am having. I have tried cutting Oracal 651 vinyl with the auto blade, AND auto blade 1, and even adjusted the cutting depth to 9...the cut is too shallow even when cutting multiple times. SO, I SWITCHED to Blade 2 and it cuts. SECONDLY, I can't cut my jpg or png file in HTV even though the registration is turned off...the machine says REGISTRATION FAILED. What am I doing wrong??? I keep going over and over in the Silhouette U videos and can't get it right. PLEASE HELP.
I love the machine, and have done a lot of cutting vinyl with the Blade 2.

Thanks for leaving a review! It seems like you have reviewed the cutting machine itself and identified issues cutting. This is a section to review our service Silhouette U. If you have a need for help, please reach out to us at

Silhouette U
Rachel C.
I love Silhouette U

Silhouette U is and amazing way to learn how to use your Cameo better. The LIVE Q & A's are a great way to get a your questions answered. Love the monthly giveaways, I've actually have won it once so far. And the code to use on SoFontsy is a great way to build your up on how many SVG files or fonts that you need or may need.

Silhouette U
Martha D.

As a newby to Silouette, I have learned so much and continue each day. Great help!

Silhouette U

Good information. I'm just overwhelmed with trying to find everything and understand all that's offered. I'm all over the place. 🤦🏽‍♀️

Hi! Thanks for the review. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need some help. It's best to start with the basics, and we can definitely get you the information you need to get crafting.

Silhouette U
Donna K.
Great information. Search feature needs improvement

I love videos and Melissa. I do have trouble searching for videos. I don't know if it is me not knowing what to enter when searching for video/information. Many times I get no results for your search. Seems like the search should capture more videos. Would like to see this improved. Thanks for helping me learn so much about my cameo 4.

Thanks for the review! When searching, it's best to start with fewer terms. Often a search will return no results if the search criteria is too specific or includes too many terms. We've done some testing of common search terms, and the website is responding correctly. If you ever need help finding a video, please don't hesitate to email us. We'd be happy to point you in the right direction.

Silhouette U
Althea P.N.

I am having such issues with my brand spanking NEW Cameo 4 Pro I just received a few weeks ago. I joined the Silhouette U to get step by step help, also purchased the ebook. However, I am still struggling to begin using my machine. PLEASE HELP.

Hi! I see that you just joined us today. Please give us the chance to help by contacting us. You can find our contact information here:

She is simply amazing

I love her videos and her channel and everything! She is amazing. Great content, very helpful and because of her I decided to take my business to another level! I was scared of buying the machines (Cameo 4 Pro and Epson SC f570) but here I am. I did it. It’s a learning curve because I’m a Cricut user and Silhouette it’s way more complex but with Melissa’s couching I’m sure I will be just fine. If you become a member, you have couching 1:1 with her twice a week, she will work with you and help you to make sure you get any issues resolved! Highly recommend
Thanks Melissa, you are doing a fantastic job

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