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Wonderful Site

Everytime I have a question on Silhouette procedure I can count on Silhouette U for an answer in a video or from a email message. They are always there to help. The answer is just a click away.

Learn so fast

I’ve learned so much and and so quickly. I was worried it would be difficult to learn a whole new machine but this has made it so simple!

ALWAYS helpful and prompt!

I LOVE being a Silhouette U member! Melissa and her husband are so responsive and helpful. Videos are AWESOME! And Melissa is always good for a laugh! Thanks so much for working so hard for your members!

Always Helpful

I have had problems with projects and just know that I will not get it answered but WHOA, Melissa is always there with a quick response and follow up, if need be. Cannot stress enough that Sil U (as I call it) is amazing. In office time is good for any questions (none too small or simple) and she is right there with the answers or directions. Would have already pitched my Cameo, if not for Melissa. Her and Bob are AMAZING...

I love Silhouette U . The only way I have been able to learn how to use my machine. Love all the videos and of course Melissa and Bob and their support.

So happy to hear this, Sue! Thanks for the review. - Melissa

Silhouette U is a MUST

Excellent source of info, tips, quick to respond to questions with answers to get your projects done. Well worth it.

Thank you Mary for the review!! So happy we have been able to answer your questions quickly! Melissa

Love Silhouette U!

The video tutorials have been great. Melissa breaks everything down in easy to understand tutorials. I'm glad I found Silhouette U!

And we are glad you found us too!

Essential for success

I have learned so much from my membership in Silhouette U. It's like having your own private instructor whenever you need help or get frustrated. I get inspired each time I look at the content available on the site.

Aww thais makes me so happy to hear! Thank you Joanna! - Melissa

Very Helpful!

I have had my cameo 4 for over a year now and finally signed up for Silhouette U. I am sooo glad I did! I have learned so much and have only watched a handful of videos.

Yay! This is great - and always so much to learn!! Thanks for being a member, Judy, and thank you for the nice review! - Melissa

Excellent videos

The videos are very helpful but being able to ask specific questions is the best. They are quick to respond.

Thank you Suzanne! We know it can be frustrating to wait for answers for help in the middle of a project! - Melissa


Thank you for the videos, they work great.

Thank you for being an awesome member of Silhouette U, Paula. - Melissa


Love silhouette u, I am able to find the help I’m looking for. Keep on crafting!

This is exactly our goal! No one wants to be stuck mid project! - Melissa


Melissa’s videos give me the inspiration to go beyond my comfort zone and try new projects in basic and easy to understand terms!! Not to mention her always cheerful attitude!!

Thank you for your sweet review, Kathy! -Melissa


I am blown away by the way Melissa can get through my head. I’m not computer savy, have bought & sold an Eclipse, couldn’t get the software loaded! I am learning my silhouette, making stickers, T-shirts etc. I have also purchased her books, a great deal of how to do’s, tips & helpful info. Videos are outstanding. I love my silhouette Cameo 4 and I just got started! Thank you Melissa for all your help, if I can understand it anyone can.

Yay! So happy you are loving your CAMEO and enjoying Silhouette U! Thank you for the kind review, Angela! -Melissa

This is where I know I can get the help and information I need to complete any project! Keep up the EXCELLANT work❤️🌟

My Silhouette go to for help

Coming from Cricut (I do still love and use my Maker), Silhouette Design Studio offers way more design freedom and is a big learning curve for me. There are a lot of options that I have never heard of or never used, wishing I could. Silhouette U is the 1st place I go for instructions. It's been a huge help with saving time and not getting so frustrated that I was about to throw in the towel. Silhouette U is very easy to navigate, instructions are clear, and full of "Oh, that's cool!" information. If you are struggling to navigate Design Studio just sign up for Silhouette U. The cost of the membership pays for it's self in just the time you save trying to figure it out on your own or searching the internet to learn how to use the program.

Great experience

I’m new to Silhouette, and it has been quite an experience. Not a frustrating experience, but a very rewarding experience. Silhouette U is so very helpful. The tutorials are remarkable.😄

Very pleased

New to Silhouette U and have been pleased so far. I’ve emailed Melissa a few times and she always responds quickly with the answers I needed.

So Helpful!!

I am always amazed at the content offered at Silhouette U! It’s always right on point and very helpful, easy to understand, and educational. I appreciate Melissa (& Bob!) responding to emails so promptly. Thanks for this wonderful membership!


This is a fantastic group! Melissa is so helpful and keeps us up to date. The monthly video are great, and you can go back and watch them anytime which is Very helpful! It nice to have so many members that are willing to help too. Thanks Melissa and Bob!


It is a lifesaver!!!! I look up a lot there and I am never disappointed. Such wonderful work putting it together. Thank you Thank you Thank you


Silhouette is by far one of the best out there. So happy to be part of the family. Great videos to learn by and excellent teachers


Melissa and her team are the best. I have learned so much from her videos and Facebook group. When I’ve asked a question I have gotten a prompt reply. I feel like they really care if we “get it”. If you want to really learn how to use your Silhouette machine this is the way to do it. Stop wasting your time trying to figure it all out on your own

Melissa at Silhouette

I love Melissa and she explains at the different tools and strategies so simply.
When I get stuck,
I pull up her lesson and it was so simple!!! Thank you
She is knowledgeable professional and fun all at the same time.

Private Facebook Group

I signed up for Silhouette U Jan 25, 2021 and am still waiting for approval to join the Private Facebook Group. I've watched video's and have enjoyed them. very informative and helpful.

Hi Pamela - we don't have any requests from you at the moment to join our Facebook group, but you can join using this link: In order to get your request approved, please be sure your Silhouette U profile name exactly matches your Facebook profile name. You can read more about it on our Getting Started page:

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