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Silhouette U
Karen H.

The most comprehensive site for the Silhouette Cameos. Plus the freebies are icing on the cake. The discounts too! I’m working on getting my Cameo 4 so this membership is perfect.

Life saver

Like have your own assistant on hand all the time.

Silhouette U
Silhouette U

Loving the videos, especially having the captions. Thank you. M

Silhouette U
Wanda A.
Silhouette U is awesome

Silhouette U is amazing, I have learn so much, I love the way Melissa explain everything, thanks for her and Silhouette U I have been using my Cameo 4 Pro now more often, at least I can say Im not scare anymore to use it, I hope to continue learning more

Silhouette U
Laura M.
Melissa is AMAZING

I literally would be lost without all the guidance from Melissa.
As a new Silhouette user, I turn to these videos time and time again. 🙂

Silhouette U
Susan M.
The Bank

Literally a bank of knowledge at your fingertips, 24/7. Crafters/creators can have some interesting hours and it is such a relief knowing that I can find the right tip or lesson to walk me through my project regardless of time or day of the week. What wealth!


This site is amazing! And the time that Melissa puts in to help with every issue is just truly outstanding. There is so much to learn on the site and with YouTube videos and the Facebook page just enters u into a whole new community where ppl share solutions and ideas.. this site will definitely help me make full use of my machine!

Silhouette U
Nicole C.
Silhouette U

Love love love. The videos are the best. Everything in Silhouette U is awesome. Living in Australia there is not a lot of help out there. Melissa is great always there to answer your questions and help. A great way to learn how to use your machine🙂

Silhouette U
Teresa G.
The Best Source for Mastering your Silhouette Vinyl Cutter and much more.

Silhouette U is the best investment you can make to go along with your Silhouette Vinyl cutter. There are so many how to videos and Silhouette U keeps you current on all the new changes, updates, and new machines. I love getting the So Fontsy credit each month to use for new Fonts and new cut designs.

Love Silhouette U

You can almost always find your answers in the very easy to follow videos. I just got my cameo 4 a couple months ago, just on a whim, having never done anything like this, and I have learned alot so far. Love it!!

From what I have gotten to learn from SilhouetteU, it has been great. However, I have been unable to use it very much due to illness. I hope to learn more before my subscription runs out, because I may not be able to afford it again.

Silhouette U
I love Silhouette U

I love Silhouette U!!! I have the Cameo 2, I love it! So glad I got the Silhouette and not another brand! If I can’t figure out something in the software, I just go to Silhouette U and find a video. Melissa explains it so clearly and I love her personality! Sometimes I just watch the videos just to see what I can learn! lol Everyone needs Silhouette U!!! Way to go, Silhouette!!!!!

Perfect for new users and more experienced users

I love learning from Silhouette U. You get basic info for beginners, all the way up to experienced users. This is helpful especially if I haven't used my cameo in a while and just need to be able to watch and read what to do at any level.

Silhouette U
Jolan D.

Plenty of information here, just need to use it!! I feel overwhelmed when I start looking through all that is available, and then tend to just give up. I'm reading all of these reviews and the one that seems the most helpful is the "one video a day"!!! I've managed to get the Cameo 3 working finally after several failed attempts. Not the fault of SU. I just find it so very frustrating that so many items purchased today come with no manual and only instructions to go online to a website which doesn't always help much. So the getting started videos offered here are the best. I prefer a paper version of instructions as opposed to ebooks for most things, just like cookbooks-hard to maneuver a computer page on a computer that is needed to run the program that I'm trying to learn to use. I'll keep on trying (as I'm not ready to give up yet). Thank you.

Silhouette U
Debbie S.
Everything you need to know…

I absolutely LOVE SilhouetteU! I have had a silhouette since they first came out, just recently sold my original to a friend that wanted to start with little investment… got him all hooked up and now he’s hooked also!
The best part about SilhouetteU is if you need to know how to do something specific you can search all the tutorials and posts and find exactly what you are looking to do. You get step by step instructions!!! I’ve found this invaluable as I always forget how to do things but I know they can be done…..
Melissa has always been great about communication, if you have a question or don’t understand something reach out to her. I’ve always received a response within a day of asking for help, she’s great about getting right back to you! There is so much to know and she knows it all!!!! Thanks Melissa❣️

Silhouette U
Mary-Ellen H.
Silhouette U

I have owned a silhouette cameo since they first came out and work on it almost daily. I love designing and cutting all the different products from paper, vinyl right through to using it to engrave. I was so pleased to find that after all these years I am learning new ways to use my machines with the information I’m learning with Silhouette U. Thanks so much from a very pleased customer!!!


Difficult in using silhouette machine and everyone should be ok business on trail to really understand how to use machine

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. It seems like you may be reviewing the machine itself. Silhouette U is a third party education and troubleshooting website. We have a ton of resources to make learning your Silhouette machine much easier like video tutorials and 1:1 help options like email and chat. I hope you'll be able to take advantage of them!

Silhouette U
Cindy A.
Great investment

I can’t say enough good things about SilhouetteU. So much information presented in an easy to follow method.

Silhouette U
Billie J.H.
"Education is not success...but it does help us succeed." (T.B. Joshua)

And Silhouette U does exactly helps us succeed. By providing that one small step that makes it all work; by doing the research and the legwork and then passing on their knowledge; by taking what appears as complex and difficult and teaching showing us the simple and easy.

My first Silhouette machine was a Cameo One and I discovered the Silhouette School Blog and Melissa. I have followed her since and once SilhouetteU opened, I enrolled. The content is accurate, current, easy to understand and helpful. Melissa, Bob and their Team are responsive and professional in working with individuals. They are as essential as my computer and electricity when it comes to my Silhouette working smoothly.

Keep up the great job.

Silhouette U
Donna L.

SilhouetteU is the best place to get help with just about everything silhouette related. Love the videos, give aways, and $25.00 credit. You guys are Awesome!


Able to find any information we need all in one place! Thanks for such a great Site!

Mini University

Melissa's curriculum is perfect for learning the how to's
As a senior, I was taught home economics and not graphic arts or computer science.
Her videos are well timed and taught.

Silhouette U
Renee L.

I have a first version of a cameo and a curio for about 6 years now. I use the curio mostly for metal clay. My cameo I have used for all kinds of projects. I love all the videos that I have see. I signed up for SU to see what else I could learn about the machine. The only thing that I don't like is not being able to get into the Facebook group. I hope some how someone will be able to approve my request

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review! You can absolutely join our Facebook group. We have instructions and a link on our Getting Started page. If your previous request was denied, please review the prompts when joining or the information on the Getting Started page. This will help ensure your request gets approved.

Silhouette U
Anne B.

I love it so far (I've had the machine 3 weeks) and I've made it a goal to watch at least 1 video every day, but I really wished the videos would show which ones I've watched so far! Sometimes I forget, or I only got part-way through (busy homeschooling mom of 5) and it is soo visually satisfying to see how much I've watched. It makes me feel accomplished to gain knowlege and I feel I am getting my money's worth and helps me to assess if it's worth buying another month of Silhouette U.

Silhouette U
Phillis M.
Just what I needed

SU was the only place I was able to receive real help when I was ready to throw my Cameo out the window. Now I’m cutting vinyl like a pro.

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